Online Payment Gateway

IT Vision’s Payment Gateway is an online payment solution which enables multiple forms of payment to be offered, accepted and transacted. It is provided in a highly secure, technically advanced manner, backed by 24 x 7 authentication and fraud detection support.

In an environment where seamless customer experiences can set organisations apart, especially in the local government industry, a satisfying experience for the resident or customer equates to greater council efficiency and effectiveness.

IT Vision has been providing an online payment gateway for our customers to embed within their websites, such as Council Connect, for over a decade. Our most recent payment gateway release is the most superior in terms of feature, function and user experience to date.

With both ratepayers and staff becoming more and more time poor, paying for services online is an expected service. Buyer behaviour is changing: can you afford not to be part of the revolution?

Any organisation that wants to provide the facility to pay online needs a payment gateway provider to facilitate and authorize these payments; whether they are made by credit card or direct debit payment. The unified payment engine drives organisational efficiency, reduces administration time and increases process automation.

What makes this solution superior?

  • Maximum choice – broadest range of payment types
  • Maximum flexibility – Instant merchant on-boarding
  • Maximum ease – no on-boarding fees or charges
  • Leading edge technology – real-time transaction monitoring (cyber-security)
  • No monthly administration fees or charges
  • Pay for only what you use, ie the payments you receive
  • Seamless integration
  • Exciting innovation…. eg. In-Video Payments, Credit Overlays
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