SynergySoft DIY

IT Vision has developed a powerful approach to the empowerment of clients and users in supplementing their SynergySoft Enterprise product suite by building their own screens, forms, tools, datasets & report through its SynergySoft DIY or ‘Do It Yourself’ application.
SynergySoft DIY is user friendly rapid application development (RAD) toolset that allows non-technical end-users to build their own supplementary solutions to meet changing business needs.

The DIY application exposes the power of the SynergySoft database and allows for the centralisation and managed control of an unlimited volume of new data for analysis and reporting.  It removes the risk and frustration of needing to rely on an uncontrolled set of 3rd party tools for external manipulation and supports the reduction of manual or paper-based forms and documents on the pathway to a ‘paper-light’ office.

Clients currently utilise the DIY application for the following areas of use and benefit;

  • Asset Registers & Management
  • Grants Administration
  • Community Services & Liaison
  • Ad-Hoc Registers
  • Special Projects data collection
  • IT Inventories
  • Contract Management
  • Orders & Notices
  • …and many other real world examples.


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