SynergySoft Enterprise

SynergySoft is our fully integrated enterprise product suite that encompasses
all business areas of an organisation within a single user interface.
With over 50 feature rich domains including solutions for Business & Finance Management, Corporate and Community Services, Records Management, Governance, Infrastructure, Environmental Services and Engineering, SynergySoft is the ultimate solution for the industries that we serve.

SynergySoft also offers cutting edge solutions such as our:

  • Modern mobility options
  • Extensible ‘Do It Yourself’ forms & functions builder
  • Task Automation & Workflow tools
  • Interactive GIS and Mapping tools

SynergySoft development is guided by client and legislative requirements as well as IT Vision’s commitment to proactive research and product improvement that ensures that our products are at the forefront of market requirements both today and into the future.



  • Common name and address register
  • Consistent look, feel and functionality
  • Thirty years in the making
  • Ability to see all related information from anywhere within the software
  • Fully integrated
  • Full audit history
  • Over 50 functional domains available
  • Windows .NET navigation
  • Online documentation
  • Microsoft Product integration
  • Sophisticated built-in security
  • User configurable
  • Industry Standard SQL architecture
  • Real time report and analytical processing
  • Flexible print options
  • Automated functions & workflow
  • Mobile solutions


  • Always use consistent corporate wide data
  • Easy to learn domains and features
  • Thirty years of experience understanding how you work
  • Easy to access ALL data without having to search
  • Enter data only once
  • No surprises or ‘lost’ entries
  • One stop shop for all required functionality
  • Easy to learn, navigate and personalise
  • Instant and easy access to documentation
  • Excellent integration with products that you already own and use
  • Ability to define restricted functionality and authorise personnel access. Peace of mind knowing that your data is secure
  • Allows modification of a wide range of system attributes
  • Third party integration and reporting are easily utilised
  • Instant reporting with real time data
  • Effortless printing
  • Ensure that processes are being followed
  • No need for double handling of data. Update your database real time from any mobile, anywhere.

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