About Us

IT Vision has been developing business solutions for Local Government, Port Authorities and similar industries for more than 30 years.
Proudly Australian owned and operated, we boast a team of more than 60 highly motivated and experienced individuals who are committed to providing the very best products and services to Local Government, Regional Port Authorities, Statutory Authorities and Utilities and Medicare Local Branches.

With over 140 Councils and 7 Port Authorities utilising our SynergySoft solution and services, our market share continues to grow.  We pride ourselves on our ability to deliver on the needs of our clients and our proven ability to deliver excellent service in a highly competitive environment.

Because of our large and regionally diverse client base, we are continually developing services that utilise the latest in communications, technology and business processes to ensure that our clients received the very best assistance, training and support regardless of location.

Our Company Vision is to “…enhance the productivity and service quality of those that serve the community and society in which we live.  We achieve this through the development and provision of information technology solutions, supported by quality advice and personalised service.”
Our strategy is to “…deliver our vision by providing superior products and services, building deep and enduring client relationships, providing a working environment that attracts the very best people and being recognised as an industry leader throughout the markets in which we operate.”
We’d Love to hear from you!

Our inspiration comes from the people we deal with and we would love to discuss what we can do to help you and your business.