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30 Years of IT Vision


1 April 2021 marks IT Vision's 30th Anniversary

From a team of just four in 1991, IT Vision has grown to over 80 employees based in Western Australia, South Australia and Victoria. We now service over 200 customers nationally.

IT Vision began in 1991 under the guise of Vision Computer Systems which was founded by Alan Smith and Earl Ward. The company sold network servers and PCs and set about establishing a client base. In 1995, following an amalgamation with Infotech, Vision Computer Systems became IT Vision. By 1999, the company had around 100 Local Government Authorities using IT Vision software just as the Y2K scaremongers heralded the end of the tech world.

The company successfully dealt with Y2K issues and moved forward with the development of SynergySoft, a Windows-based application that went live in 2001. By 2004, the business moved to the current Ogilvie Road offices. In 2006, IT Vision was admitted to the WALGA preferred supplier panel and in 2014 the Altus platform came to life. By 2017, the IT Vision brand had a presence in most Australian states.

IT Vision is committed to continued growth and providing enhanced services to its clients. Thank you to our staff and customers, past and present, who have supported our business through the years.

Read about IT Vision's history and major milestones in our 30 Years of Vision timeline. 

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1991 - 1995

 In 1991, Vision Computer Systems was founded by Alan Smith and Earl Ward. As new players in the market, they started out with just four staff and had a strong customer service focus. One of the first team members was John Steer – with a background in local government, John worked at IT Vision for 31 years. The business’s initial strategy was to simply develop software and deliver practical technology solutions. Very soon after establishing the business, they won their first port authority client – Bunbury Port Authority on April 1st 1991. Vision Computer Systems started selling PC’s, Networks & Servers as total solutions suppliers in 1992.

1995 saw a lot of change for Vision Computer Systems. Earl Ward became the CEO and remained in this role until 2006. The company moved into their first office in Kintail Road, Applecross. In July, Vision Computer Systems became IT Vision and amalgamated with a local competitor called InfoTech, led by Gary Torto and Don McCulloch. IT Vision took on four InfoTech staff members, bringing their employee numbers to 11 and clients to 28.

1996 - 1999

Sabastian Sapio and Vicki Wenham made the move from Fujitsu to start IT Vision’s South Australia office in 1997. Sab joined as a partner and shareholder, after working with Alan and Earl at ICL 10 years prior. He was a leading light in Sales and Marketing for the company.

In 1999, Alan Smith asked Martin Bull to join IT Vision in a sales role. Graham Santich also joined the team. At this point, the company had 15 staff in WA plus 2 in South Australia, with 100 local governments and port authorities using IT Vision software. 1999 brought anxiousness and drama surrounding Y2K, which posed challenges for IT Vision and all other software companies at the time.

2000 - 2005

The new millennium was an invigorating time.

The company had overcome Y2K issues and was busily developing SynergySoft – an exciting new Windows-based application. At this point in time, SynergySoft was solely a finance platform. The 1st of July marked the introduction of GST, which involved extensive client consultations and software development. Assunta Garcia and Glenn Cameron joined the team in 2000.

To celebrate the company’s 10th Anniversary, SynergySoft went live on 1 June 2001, with 8 sites in WA. A management Executive Team was established, bringing more structure to the business.

By 2003, SynergySoft was live on 15 sites and the company had 25 staff, with the newest members Natalie and Nicky bringing with them local government experience. The company moved to the current office on Ogilvie Road in Mount Pleasant in the same year. In 2004, partner Don McCulloch, one of the original InfoTech members, retired. Glenn Summerfield joined IT Vision, as well as Adrian Halid who later became a business partner.

2006 - 2010

Over the course of the next few years, Angelo Nardi and Steve Tilden joined IT Vision and later became partners. 2006 saw IT Vision’s admission to the WALGA panel. In 2009, IT Vision won their first NSW deal - two councils and a Waterboard that came together as a group.

2010 was a big year for the company as the IT Vision NSW branch was born. SynergySoft was still going strong and was responsible for IT Vision gaining customers from competitors. The company also secured a group of Aboriginal Community Councils in one deal during a trip to Darwin – a hugely exciting outcome.

2011 - 2015

In 2012, Martin Bull retired from IT Vision after being the face of the company for many years and Nigel Lutton joined the company as CEO in 2014.

The Altus R&D program commenced in 2014 with Golden Plains Shire Council adopting the first-ever Altus product, Altus Risk, in 2015.

July 2015 saw founders Alan Smith, Earl Ward, along with Ann Bull, retire. IT Vision’s first national iNNOVATE conference was held in 2015 with the theme ‘Casino Royale’

2016 - 2020

In 2016, IT Vision grew its market share in Queensland with a consortium of five councils coming on board. The Altus Collaboration Project was launched on 1 July 2017 between the City of Kalgoorlie-Boulder, City of Greater Geraldton and City of Kalamunda. 2018 saw a major office refurbishment at IT Vision headquarters as well as the first-ever Queensland user group meeting. In 2019, IT Vision achieved three national awards as part of GovHack.

Like many companies around the world, the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020 forced IT Vision into survival mode, with retrenchments, lockdowns, and closure of state borders the main concerns for the year. However, it was not all bad news with IT Vision partnering with the Shire of Gingin as an early adopter of the Altus Financial Suite.

2021 - The Future 

With over 200 customers across Australia, IT Vision remains committed to enhancing the productivity and service quality of those that serve the society in which we live. Now with a team of 80 staff led by Nigel Lutton, the company continues to grow with some staff members partners and children joining the team. 

We fundamentally believe that the pace of change and demand for the adoption of modern digital solutions will continue to accelerate. This will be fuelled by demand for increased rigour in the handling of information and cyber security, removal of legacy on-premise infrastructure in preference for highly resilient cloud alternatives, and the demand for software solutions to keep pace with changing business requirements.

Industry demands and customer requirements, along with a passionate ongoing commitment to a Strategic Product Development Roadmap will continue to drive the evolution of our Altus Platform and its suite of solutions. This includes prioritisation and investment in focused development on market trends such as:

  • e-Invoicing
  • End-to-end procurement cycle
  • Business intelligence
  • Human capital management
  • Smart forms & workflow
  • Process automation

Along with continuing to foster and form meaningful collaborative relationships with our customers and expand our strategic partner network to the benefit of our industry, our customers and our roadmap ambitions.

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Our History - 30 Years of Vision