People With Vision

Proudly Australian owned and operated, IT Vision is a trusted provider of business solutions for organisations across the country. 

IT Vision has been developing Digital Enterprise Solutions for Local Government and similar industries for more than 30 years.

Our fully integrated SynergySoft suite delivers a wide array of modules and features based on the everyday needs of council staff, and our latest addition, Altus, is a fully cloud‑based solution. Other additions to the IT Vision Altus product portfolio include business analytic tools, risk management and disaster recovery, a suite of mobile apps including purchasing and an online timesheet solution, to name a few.

These products add significant efficiency and business value to your organisation. Coupled with our range of Business Process Management Services such as Payroll, Rates and Finance processing, these solutions have become the cornerstone of productivity improvement and risk mitigation for many of our customers.

We pride ourselves on the ability to deliver on the needs of our customers and the provision of excellent service in a highly competitive environment. Due to our large and regionally diverse customer base, we are continually developing services that use the latest in telecommunications, technology and business processes to ensure that our customers receive the very best assistance, training, support and value for money, regardless of location.

Proudly Australian, privately owned and operated, over 200 customers already use our flagship ERP software and more recently the Altus platform solution.

IT Vision is the perfect choice for your organisation.


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Our Vision 

To enhance the productivity and service quality of those that serve the community and society in which we live. We achieve this through the development and provision of information technology solutions, supported by a deep knowledge of your data, quality advice and personalised service.

Our Strategy 

To deliver our vision by providing superior products and services, building deep and enduring client relationships, providing a working environment that attracts the very best people and being recognised as an industry leader throughout the markets in which we operate. 

Our Values 

Delivering Great Service

We listen to our clients to understand their needs and goals. We keep our promises and work with our clients to achieve success.

Results Matter

We deliver the right things, at the right time, to achieve the best possible result. We are a reliable partner you can trust.

Being Original

We embrace creativity and think differently. We create unique and innovative solutions that exceed expectations. 

Doing the Right Thing

We do what is right for our clients. We communicate honestly and openly and deliver on our commitments.

Management and Leadership 

Nigel Lutton

CEO (Director)

Steve Tilden

Development Manager (Director)

Angelo Nardi

Sales Manager (Director)

Adrian Halid

Chief Technology Officer (Director)

Guy Brown

Business Services Manager

Eliza Sbizziri

Product Manager

Luke Emery

Professional Services Manager