Australian Not-For-Profits and Charities have a strong history of helping vulnerable and disadvantaged people in our communities and society. Today this sector is large and diverse covering activities and services including; Health, Social Services, Education, Sport, Arts & Culture, Environment, Animal Welfare and Human Rights.

With Not-For-Profit organisations currently employing more than 890,000 workers across Australia and contributing approximately $43 billion to our gross domestic product (GDP), the use of IT Visions SynergySoft tailored enterprise product suite and business process management services is able to provide significant benefit in all areas of administration, records management, business management, scheduling and front-line services.

Our ability to cater for not only business transactional processing functions, but mobility, GIS and mapping requirements along with workflow automation and ‘Do It Yourself’ DIY templates, forms and data building is a significant advantage to a wide range of Not-For-Profit and Charitable organisations.