The Altus Infringement App enables Rangers to issue an infringement while out in the field and the data is instantly synchronised with your SynergySoft system.

Using the Altus Infringement App, an infringement can be recorded, supporting photographs captured, and the notice printed using just an iOS or Android device. The app enables you to issue infringements that relate to a wide range of matters including vehicles, people and animals.

The Altus Infringement App offers an alternative to the manual infringement booklet, instantly creating administrative and workflow efficiencies within your organisation. As the app uses your current SynergySoft data, the transition to Altus Infringements is swift and seamless.

"Working with IT Vision to build a cloud-based application and digital workflow meant the transition from SynergySoft was smooth and quick as they have a thorough understanding of both product platforms."

Dennis Duff, Manager ICT Services | City of Greater Geradldton, Western Australia

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  • Available both online and offline
  • Image capture (images watermarked with date and time)
  • Audio recording


  • Fast track infringement payments
  • Simple and easy-to-use
  • The solution to manual data entry
  • Seamless integration with SynergySoft, from issuing the notice to the supporting evidence