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Altus Business Intelligence

Transform machine data into trends and populations that enable predictive business activities and risk management.

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Altus Business Intelligence transforms data into useful trends and easy-to-interpret visualisations that enable enhanced decision making, predictive business analysis and proactive risk management.

Business Intelligence solutions add value to a business’s corporate planning and management responsibilities. Altus Business Intelligence has the ability to read machine data and create measures using multiple parameters and mathematical calculations. It also features location intelligence to transform information into graphical and cartographic representations.

With a simple, user-friendly dashboard, organisations can monitor the rate of change and trends in relation to their business objectives and visualise data sets based on time, activities, and locations.


Altus Business Intelligence transforms captured data into meaningful trends and easy-to-interpret visualisations.


Business Intelligence can help facilitate data interpretation and strategic decision making, adding value to business’s corporate planning and maintenance responsibilities.