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Altus Contract Management

The end-to-end management of contracts.

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Staying on top of your organisation’s contracts and agreements can be a time consuming and error-prone process. They often involve multiple stakeholders and can run over a number years which can lead to difficulty ensuring important dates and actions are not overlooked. Altus Contract Management provides a single place to capture and manage all of your organisations' agreements, with powerful flexibility built in to tailor the system to your own needs.

Altus Contract Management forms part of a range of integrated procure-to-pay Altus products which provides the seamless movement of data from one process to the next. Processes are highly configurable with fully customisable notifications which can be automated around events, tasks and expiry dates. Flexible checklists also ensure contract requirements are being met, with additional functionality to highlight if Record of Contract Options have been exercised and the potential impact on timeframes.

Optional integrations include:

Altus Procurement for the generation of new contracts

SynergySoft Purchasing and Creditors for automated production of Contract Payments

Altus Content (ECM) for document storage and retrieval


Establish a single source of truth for all your contracts, ensuring that important milestones, actions and obligations are met.


Get the right information into your people’s hands, understand what needs doing and never miss an important date again.