The smart way to manage your timesheets

The Online Timesheet Solution is a core component of IT Vision’s broader Workforce Management System that gives you greater control over the entry, management and approval of timesheet data.

Using leading edge web technology and provided on a cloud Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) basis, it integrates seamlessly with SynergySoft Payroll and is able to be used from any device, anywhere, anytime.

Underpinned by a sophisticated, rules based Award Interpretation Engine (AIE), the Online Timesheet Solution transforms the passive process of timesheet or timecard entry into a powerful workflow based process improvement.

Transforming the award and agreement interpretation process in to a real-time intervention at the start of the timesheet entry process rather than retrospectively at the end, the improvements in timeliness, accuracy and quality start to quickly accrue.

Staff, no matter where they work or how complex their working arrangements are, record and submit their timesheets for approval and payment via an intuitive web interface. This removes the requirement for manual, paper based alternatives and significantly improved timeliness, accuracy and oversight to this critical process. Key organisational stakeholders such as supervisors, managers, payroll and HR can be configured to review, govern, approve and control the process.

Design features include:

  • Sophisticated rules-based Award Interpretation Engine.
  • Intelligent Display – structures views to individual staff member context.
  • Responsive Design – automatically structures the view to individual access device.
  • User Role Hierarchies – to facilitate all user entry sophistication levels.
  • Real-time progress and status updates and notification.
  • Inbuilt Job and Plant Costing – enables the assignment of job costing and plant utilisation data.

Reduce time, increase accuracy and proactively manage your payroll timesheet data.