Duelling Didges

Welcome to Country

'Duelling Didges' began oh! so many years ago when Heath Bergersen and Derek Nannup were not much more than boys.  When Heath was 15 years old in 1991 he asked Derek to teach him to play the didgeridoo and they have been playing together - on and off - ever since.

If you love the sound of a didgeridoo, then you will be amazed when these two talented musicians get together and produce simply awesome music.  A highlight of their collaborations was the production of a CD in 2006 titled ‘Travelling Friends’ which also included some tracks with Trevor Jamieson on guitar.  Apart from numerous corporate events over the years another highlight was when they played in Fremantle as part of the CHOGM ‘Welcome to Youth’ in 2011.

Heath and Derek are both well-known actors and have worked in schools, workshops and with youth.  They are seasoned artists and have performed regularly nationally and internationally.

The duo will be performing a Welcome to Country at iNNOVATE21.