30 years through the Lens of three months

Published: Tuesday, 12 December 2017 at 12:00:00 AM

30 years through the Lens of three months

Esma ValegicBy Esma Valegic

As I sit at my first cubicle, I wonder how I ended up here. Tis the season to contemplate after all.

I’m the intern at IT Vision. I recently chose to do an internship over one of my final units at university. I was always in the internship office, kept an eager eye on the notifications for upcoming opportunities and constantly daydreamt of how I was going to be discovered to be the next Steve Jobs.

IT Vision has been operating for longer than I have been alive, they operate in more regions than I knew existed but somehow all they stand for has become so familiar in just three months. I have a great seat in the office; not quite ready to mosh pit but have a view of the whole band. As I write this, I can hear other keyboards, ‘desk meetings’ and a sweet buzz muting the renovation sounds in the background. The past three months have given me the chance to learn the ropes of backstage as well as join in on centre stage. Although I didn’t have prior knowledge on the products and services, it quickly became apparent how much wider the conversations span. I was quickly able to understand the intrinsic processes and was given the chance to apply my skills. Witnessing the success of IT Vision’s annual conference was a big highlight. In its third year, the conference catered to everyone from didgeridoo lovers to artificial intelligence enthusiasts. At times the remnants of the after party still add to the sweet buzz in the background.

2017 is another page of IT Vision’s success story spanning more than 30 years, but the ticket I was given has no expiry date with a backstage pass. Wish I thought of using if for Paul McCartney the other week.

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