Altus Business Intelligence

Published on Tuesday, 4 January 2022 at 10:00:00 AM

Altus Business Intelligence transforms data into useful trends and information that enable enhanced decision making, predictive business analysis and proactive risk management. With a simple, user-friendly dashboard, organisations can monitor the rate of change and trends in relation to their business objectives and visualise data sets based on time, activities, and locations.

Using Altus Business Intelligence, users are empowered to generate reports based on their specific needs utilising the power of their Altus and SynergySoft data. Altus Business Intelligence enables you to easily access and report on data from Altus Financial Suite, SynergySoft WA Building & Planning, and SynergySoft Infringements, with further integrations already underway such as SynergySoft Financials and Altus Payroll.

The product comes with a ready to use ‘starter pack’ which includes key reporting measures required by most organisations. Fields and data displays can be tweaked to suit individual needs, but once a structure is set you’ll save hours of administrative effort each month in generating reports.

Compatible with both Microsoft Excel and PowerBI, you can generate reports in the platform that suits you best. Integration with Azure Active Directory provides multi-factor authentication, to ensure your data is kept secure. This also enables user-based log ins to ensure your staff can access the reports relevant to their roles and responsibilities.

To get started with Altus Business Intelligence, you don’t need to be an existing Altus customer. As a SynergySoft customer, you can reap the benefits of Altus Business Intelligence now and start your Altus readiness journey.

  • Quickly generate financial reports, reducing administrative time
  • Explore insights and empower users to make faster, more informed business decisions
  • A packaged, out-of-the-box product that includes the data and measures you need to meet reporting requirements
  • Collect data that accurately measures the effectiveness of your business objectives
  • Remove the manual processing required to get your data into a meaningful format

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