Altus Inspections set to launch in Apple and Android stores

Published: Wednesday, 24 October 2018 at 2:00:00 PM

The new Altus Inspections application will be released in both the App Store and Google Play Store this November.

Altus Inspections is an app designed to replace out-dated paper inspection processes and enable staff to schedule, undertake and report using a modern digital platform.

The product was officially launched at IT Vision’s annual iNNOVATE conference in September, with conference delegates getting a first look at the app’s design and functionality.

The Altus Inspections App currently features three standard inspection types - pool, health and bushfire inspections. The ongoing roadmap will see the addition and inclusion of other inspection types such as asset inspections in the future.

Altus Inspections is just one product within a larger Altus product suite developed by IT Vision.

Nigel Lutton, IT Vision Chief Executive Officer, explained that all Altus products are fully born in the cloud and mobile device enabled.

“Altus is by thoughtful design a modern extensible digital platform. It is built using the latest low-code rapid application development tools, with cyber-security and business-continuity ‘built-in’ and delivered through an engaging user-experience focused interface,” Nigel explained.

Altus Inspections Product Owner, Peter Giles, said one of the major benefits of the app is the time efficiencies it can create within an organisation.

“The vast majority of inspections performed today are paper-based. This results in staff spending a significant amount of time transposing, recording and documenting each inspection into a system. The Altus Inspections App enables staff to digitally manage the inspection process from end-to-end, meaning staff can spend more time inspecting and less time on paperwork,” said Peter.

The launch of the Altus Inspections app follows the launch of the first ever Altus product to the App Store – Altus Infringements – in September.

CEO Nigel Lutton says that Altus Infringements and Altus Inspections are just the beginning.

“We’re looking forward to seeing more and more Altus products pop up in App and Google Play stores in the coming months,” said Nigel.

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