#AustraliaDay Future tech trends – are you on track?

Published: Thursday, 26 January 2017 at 12:00:00 AM

#AustraliaDay Future tech trends – are you on track?

As our national day looms, and the official Australia Day website www.australiaday.org.au encourages us to celebrate #AustraliaDayYourWay, it is simultaneously sobering and inspiring to remember its purpose.

229 years ago, a stake was planted in the sand by Captain Arthur Phillip, from Great Britain after the first 11 convict ships arrived in Sydney. A chain of events was set in motion, that for better and worse has led us and shaped us into the egalitarian, Aussie society we experience today.

Australia Day acknowledges this history, and anticipates that an understanding and celebration of our shared history paves the way to better future.  As it turns out this infamous convict history went on to be instrumental in the development of Australia; indeed, building the infrastructure and prisons that were to house them. An extreme example of the human spirit’s ability to survive while adapting to change and driving that change.

And as Brian Tracy* said, ‘In a time of rapid change, standing still is the most dangerous course of action’, and today, just as 229 years ago, we are still living in very changing times.

As a software company, we are part of the technology industry which is renowned for moving quickly, and leading the way. New trends are changing the way we do business, and the expectations of our customers over the services they receive.

But this isn’t a one-sided affair; our customers’ customers will have the same expectations, demands and frustrations. It is only with the developments in technology that better solutions can be delivered.

So how can technology help us to meet the ever-needing demands and expectations of our customers? And what are the future trends that we should all be embracing to ensure we don’t get left behind?

The new Altus platform allows us to implement Rapid Application Development (RAD); we can develop and deliver mobile apps faster than ever before. Ensuring our technology is available and useable to our customers on the go, is top priority. There is also the new Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity tool that allows our customers to carry on ‘business as useful’, should there be a catastrophic event affecting their offices.

And what about the future? How long until IT Vision is developing Intelligent Apps to provide advanced analytics, and increasingly autonomous Business Processes? How long until the Internet of Things becomes the Internet of Everything, where devices become intelligent delivering the power of AI enabled systems everywhere – we have already embarked on this journey, with our altusEMP automated Procure-to-Pay solution and our use of iBeacon geo-presence technologies interacting with our new Contractor Management App and technology project with Perth Transport Authority.

Other big trends will probably include the change and development of digital technology platforms, adaptive security architecture; security will need to become fluid and adaptive to accommodate the different technology platforms. Mesh App and Service Architecture (MASH) is also a buzz word on the software scene for the coming years; a multichannel solution architecture that leverages cloud and server-less computing, containers and microservices as well as APIs and events to deliver modular, flexible and dynamic solutions.

As we celebrate a contemporary Australia and rejoice in its diverse society and landscape, it’s a time to reflect on the astonishing changes that have been made in the last two centenaries, both international and domestic. It just begs the question: what do the next 200 hold…?

*public speaker and self-development author

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