Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery Solution

Published: Tuesday, 24 April 2018 at 12:00:00 AM

Business continuity and disaster recovery solution

IT Vision, in collaboration with Market Creations, have designed and created a Business Continuity / Disaster Recovery service for the SynergySoft application and other critical data that can be provided to local governments as part of the annual services provided by IT Vision.

This service has been designed to meet the needs for local governments to deliver their Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery commitments as part of the audit guidelines outlined in the Integrated Planning Framework for WA, and other similar guidelines in other jurisdictions.

IT Vision is able to offer a complete Continuity of Service for local governments for their SynergySoft application and data that will deliver a recovery time of 12 hours for their core systems, as well as a data recovery point of 24 hours.

This service has been created to meet the challenges that local governments are facing from localised disasters such as bush fires and extreme weather events, through to cyber-attacks such as Encryption and Ransomware threats.

Several of our clients were subjected to Cyber Security attacks over the past 12 months which, in some cases, caused substantial outages to their ICT environments and loss of their corporate data.

With these attacks on the increase it is imperative that organisations ensure that they are protected and have effective strategies in place to recover their environments without the need to resort to paying ransoms to criminals and encouraging their behaviour.

IT Vision is able to customise these services for each local government to meet any environmental challenges such as limited internet connectivity or a lack of technical support services with in the local government.

For more information on the services that IT Vision is able to provide, please contact Glenn Summerfield on 1300 042 669.

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