Case Study – Shire of Gingin’s dynamic reporting solution

Published: Wednesday, 31 January 2018 at 12:00:00 AM

Case Study – Shire of Gingin’s dynamic reporting solution


The Shire of Gingin wanted to introduce a system which would improve report generation and automate system management reporting.


IT Vision’s CPM solution


Time saved on producing reports; having the most up to date information at the click of a button. Now able to spot trends, and seamlessly connect to data.

With a key priority to provide concise management reports and automate system management reporting, the Shire of Gingin wanted to implement a data analytics and reporting tool with the aim of saving time and resources. The team at Gingin was spending a considerable amount of time extracting data to produce reports and wanted something that could be produced from an automated system for monthly financial reporting.

The solution presented itself in the form of CPM; its integration with SynergySoft, easy to read and produce reports, dashboard solution and ease of use meant that CPM, for the shire, was the clear choice (after seeing a product demo at the Local Government Finance Professionals Conference). Kaye said the way that the reports are collated has clear benefits for both finance and non-financial professionals.

CPM from IT Vision has enabled the shire to make better use of information, including picking up errors that occurred from the use of Excel spreadsheets.

Executive Manager of Corporate Service, Kaye Lowes, said that although they looked at other products, a key factor was the integration with SynergySoft; they didn’t want to be running any manual processes.

‘One of the key benefits for us is that we have access to management reports daily and we can send these out to individual officers on a monthly basis; we have anytime access’, said Kaye.

Kaye and her team have worked extensively with IT Vision to customise CPM so that they have a reporting suite tailored to the shire’s needs. A finance report has been created in line with Moore Stephens monthly report template and is available to staff on a daily basis.

Kaye said: ‘The flexibility of the system has been great; to be able to add new tables (to be able to produce reports) and to be able to report by department for sick leave allows us to spot trends and gives us the visibility to go back a number of years, which is really beneficial.’

The Shire has seen many benefits since the implementation of CPM; where they had previously had to manually prepare financial summaries, this is now automated and has saved hours each month. Kaye is now able to produce monthly reports, purchase order updates, and management reporting without having to go to SynergySoft to verify. They can monitor sick leave as well as income and expenditure on caravan parks and waste management. This tool is growing from a finance/management tool into the workforce planning space and we are able to create reports for that.

The uniqueness of IT Vision’s CPM, according to Kaye, is ‘the ease of use and seamless connection to data’.

‘CPM has highlighted where some data was missing has removed the room for human error. This solution has revolutionised the way that we are able to produce, report and deliver reports; saving time and money. I would absolutely recommend this product!’

The Shire of Gingin is located 84km north of Perth, and has a population of 5308.

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