Coorow relies on Altus during COVID-19

Published on Wednesday, 15 July 2020 at 8:00:00 AM

During a time of crisis, it’s important to establish priorities early. During the coronavirus pandemic, the Shire of Coorow’s priority was to maintain interaction with the community as much as possible.

While some local governments shut their administrative offices completely, the Shire of Coorow decided it was important for their community to still have access to essential staff.

“We implemented a rotating rostering system to ensure we had two Officers in the building at any one time,” said Deputy CEO, Leanne Parola.

“One of the staff members rostered on was the Customer Service and Records Officer, to ensure consistent customer service delivery to the local community. It was important to us to ensure this continuity during a time of significant change and uncertainty.”

The Altus platform empowered the Shire of Coorow to continue to operate as ‘business as usual’ during the pandemic.

“As a web-based platform, Altus enables us to access our records and systems externally – from any device, at any time,” said Leanne.

“The positive impacts of this on our organisation have been immense. I can approve a purchase order from my home – with no need to be in the office, or sign a physical piece of paper. Our staff can also log their timesheets electronically from their mobile phone using Altus Payroll.”

“Not only does the Altus platform create administrative efficiencies for the Shire of Coorow, but during the coronavirus pandemic it actually reduced our health risk too. There was no need to share pieces of paper, or pens. The move to a digital, cloud-based platform meant staff could access what they needed from their own device.”

The Shire of Coorow is currently live with Altus Procurement (Purchasing), Altus Payroll, Altus Bank Reconciliation and Altus Content (ECM) and is working with IT Vision on their future roadmap, including the implementation of AssetFinda.

“The coronavirus pandemic has forced us to go digital in more ways than one – and for the better! Collectively, we now regularly use Microsoft Teams and better understand the capabilities of the platform. Now we’ve started, I can’t see us going back. Using Teams for meetings has significantly reduced our travel time in region, meaning we have more time ‘on the tools’ to deliver key services to our community.” – Leanne Parola, Deputy CEO at the Shire of Coorow.

To learn more about Altus and transitioning to a cloud environment email or call (08) 9315 7000.


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