Curtin University students join the IT Vision team following successful Internship program

Published on Thursday, 9 September 2021 at 3:03:46 PM


IT Vision staff Cindy Chen (left) and Siddhi Dalvi (right) 


T Vision has been involved with Curtin University's Internship program, which offers students the opportunity to gain work experience relevant to their field of studies. IT Vision has built a relationship with Curtin University over the past five years, working on a variety of software build projects which have often involved student collaboration. We developed a keen interest in Curtin University’s Internship program and, from our existing relationship with the educational institution, were fortunate enough to become an industry partner.  


“From the candidates put forward by Curtin University, we went with two individuals, Cindy and Siddhi, who both fit in really well from the start."  

- Steve Tilden, Development Manager at IT Vision


 The pair worked in an Intern capacity over a six-month period, all while studying. During this time, they became familiar with the extensive range of Altus products and management tools, such as Jira, and built digital solutions, such as WalkMe. We were very impressed with both Interns and have formally welcomed them on board as employees. We asked Cindy and Siddhi to share their experiences from the Internship program.


“Both Cindy and Siddhi now work for us on a casual contract, which works for both parties because they can continue studying while getting some experience, and they add to the skills and knowledge within our team.”

-  Steve Tilden, Development Manager at IT Vision

Cindy Chen

When did you join IT Vision as an intern?

I joined IT Vision as a Technical Writer intern in January 2021 and stayed on as a casual contract employee once uni commenced again in March.


What is your role at IT Vision now?

Since joining IT Vision, I have been primarily working with WalkMe, an integrated digital solution that aims to engage users and transform user experiences on Altus.


What did you learn during your internship at IT Vision?

Working with WalkMe has enabled me to touch on a variety of skills. While building solutions, I have to consider logic, ease of use, and user preference and design, while documenting the process, and I have most recently begun to create test cases and conduct testing. More than working with the software and Altus products, working at IT Vision has provided exposure to the Agile Working method and management tools such as Jira.


Do you think other students should apply for an internship at IT Vision? If so, why?

I would highly recommend other students to apply for an internship at IT Vision. The company has a very inclusive culture and provides great exposure for students pursuing a career in the industry. There are a lot of resources available and team members are always willing to help and answer any questions. Team leads were very understanding in terms of scheduling, which definitely helps when you’re a student juggling school and work.


Siddhi Dalvi

When did you join IT Vision as an intern?

 I joined in January of 2021 after applying for the internship through Curtin University. I had a meeting with Steve and joined IT Vision as an intern soon after.


What is your role at IT Vision now?

My main role here is a software tester, but I’m undertaking some Business Analysis tasks as well. During my initial discussions with Steve and Jeanene, we decided it was best to try out as many different roles in the Software Development Team as I can and then narrow my work down to a few areas of work that I find interesting.

I enjoy the testing that we do here and after having some visits to the Shire of Gingin, I found it interesting to work hands on with our clients and then come back into the office and work on their feedback to improve our system, Altus. As a result, we decided to have a focus of my work on software testing and Business Analysis.


What did you learn during your internship at IT Vision?

The biggest takeaway from my internship at IT Vision is that this is the best environment to learn and make mistakes. As someone who is new in this industry and does not have a lot of technical knowledge, I have felt that there was no pressure to know everything and be an expert. The team here are always more than happy to go out of their way to make sure I understand the work and help me when I make mistakes.

I have learnt so much about the AGILE methodology and its real-life application, and gained a lot of knowledge on software development, especially the processes and various software used when building a system. I know that all my experience at IT Vision has set me up for success and will help me advance in my career.


Do you think other students should apply for an internship at IT Vision? If so, why?

100%. Students should most definitely apply for an internship at IT Vision because not only are you able to build on your knowledge from day one, but you also become part of an inclusive and understanding team who ensure that your learning and growth is a priority. The people at IT Vision understand that being university students, our priority is our education, so they offer a lot of flexibility and are very understanding of our other commitments. The team here also encourage asking questions and are very approachable – you will never feel like you are asking a dumb question which I feel is very important if we are to make the most of our experience as interns.


IT Vision sees tremendous value in Curtin University’s internship program, for both students and industry partners alike and is grateful for the new employees it has gained from the experience. 

“There’s a lot of great talent coming through the universities, and it’s good to give them an opportunity to get their hands dirty, so to speak. We look forward to continuing our relationship with Curtin University moving forward.” -  Steve Tilden, Development Manager at IT Vision


"We are committed to mutually beneficial and reciprocal relationships with our industry and community partners and are always looking to welcome new ones to help us provided authentic and engaging learning opportunities for our students."

- Megan Le Clus PhD, Manager External Engagement, Curtin University


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