Debt recovery – now available

Published: Wednesday, 14 June 2017 at 12:00:00 AM

Debt recovery – now available

No one likes to pay their bills, but it’s an expected and accepted part of life. Except what happens when people or companies don’t pay their bills? Do they stop to think about the impact that non payment has on the organisation not being paid..?

IT Vision, working in partnership with the IT Vision User Group, has developed and released the long anticipated Debt Recovery module, with the sole purpose of managing the recovery of overdue rates.

Managing overdue rates is a critical part of Council operations, indeed about half of all a Shire’s revenue is generated from rates payments, but the process of collecting overdue payments is manual and time intensive. The SynergySoft Debt Recovery module is completely integrated with the Rates module to enable processes to be automated generated and actioned in line with your organisation’s Debt Recovery policy.

Features include:

  • Customisable recovery rules and processes to tailor to your organisation’s requirements
  • Smart analysis and selection options around outstanding debts – processes are based on transactions, not the whole balance – so recovery can commence sooner than end of year
  • Ability to run concurrent recovery processes as different amounts fall overdue (e.g. arrears, each overdue instalment, other overdue amounts)
  • Option to automatically raise charges at certain points of the recovery process
  • Ability to exclude properties with Special Arrangements (Payment Plans, Deceased Estates, Staff, etc.)
  • Advanced Final Notice production based on transactions – issue for overdue instalments, non-rebatable pensioner charges, etc.
  • Customisable automated documents for sending to ratepayers or third party collection agencies
  • Full history of debt recovery actions on each assessment

This module is available now for all SynergySoft customers of the Rating module, and includes:

  • A standard set of recovery processes and reports for review and customization
  • A comprehensive User Guide
  • Full training video coming soon

for more information call (08) 9315 7000, email or contact your account manager.

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