How to ensure essential services during a crisis

Published on Monday, 8 June 2020 at 2:14:02 PM

Having plans and systems in place that enable business continuity is fundamental to ensuring an organisation can maintain ‘business as usual’ during disruption to its environment, operations and workforce.

This has become particularly relevent in recent months in light of the COVID-19 pandemic as local governments and businesses across the country are faced with the challenge of working remotely.

IT Vision understands the importance of business continuity and has been providing management services in the areas of payroll, rates, finance, and IT for over 15 years.

Support Services Manager at IT Vision, Glenn Summerfield, said it is important to proactively audit the systems in place to ensure minimal disruption should a crisis occur.

“Critical business systems require high levels of stability, ‘uptime’ and access to ensure that important organisational processes and functions are not impacted during a crisis.”

“We strongly recommend our clients undergo a rigorous data backup regime as well as data security testing and recovery procedures. This is something IT Vision can assist with, from reviewing your current procedures, advising on suggested improvements, and providing critical daily remote backup services of your SynergySoft database and related data.”

IT Vision helps organisations by providing the following business continuity services:

  • Payroll Process Management – choose between an end-to-end payroll processing service, or specific support services including once-off payroll processing, end of financial year payroll services and ad-hoc payroll calculation and system changes.
  • Rates Process Management – our team of industry experts are skilled in the SynergySoft Rates Management product and can support you with your core rating processes and end of year rates scenario modelling.
  • Finance Process Management – IT Vision can provide operational support with daily, monthly or annual financial processes to ensure the responsible management of critical services.
  • Information Technology Management – this support service can include regular restoration validation processes, cloud-hosted solutions, database backup, maintenance and integrity checks.

"We recently assisted Longreach Regional Council with an urgent restore of their live database to correct a user error which was affecting their Rates modelling. Within 24 hours, the database was restored and systems back up and running saving the client time and reducing potential risk." - Glenn Summerfield, Support Services Manager

For more information on how you can ensure essential services within your organisation, please contact

Required upgrades for EOFY

The ATO has changed their reporting requirements which will affect payroll processing for redundancies. The April release of SynergySoft contains updates that ensure you comply.

Please note, you are required to upgrade to the latest version of SynergySoft prior to your last pay run in the 2019/20 financial year in order to comply with the ATO’s requirements.

In response to COVID-19, IT Vision has also included a new feature in the May release of SynergySoft that allows the suspension of late payment interest charges for a defined period of time. Please refer to the release notes in the Client Portal for further information.

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