Information security a priority for WA Councils

Published on Monday, 5 July 2021 at 8:00:00 AM

Implementing the cloud-based Payroll system, Altus Payroll, helps improve the Town of East Fremantle's data integrity and security measures

The threat of cyber-attack is a risk faced by any business; government organisations included. As customers turn to self-servicing and many of our day-to-day interactions move online, our data can become increasingly vulnerable.

recent report from the WA Auditor General revealed that WA local governments need to improve their computer controls, with current weaknesses in IT systems potentially affecting confidentiality, integrity and availability of data.

The Auditor General’s report includes the results of a series of information systems audits across 50 WA local governments in 2020, as well as audits on 11 councils across information security, business continuity, IT risks, IT operations, physical security and change control.

All 11 local government authorities were below the benchmark on information security, and 79% were below the minimum benchmark across all six categories.

Information systems not only underpin local government operations and service delivery, but they hold confidential information about residents and ratepayers that needs to be protected.

IT Vision has been helping Council’s across Western Australia adopt secure, integrated, cloud-based software solutions for over 30 years. With three decades of experience, IT Vision understands the unique challenges faced by local government, including scarce resources, complex procurement compliance and legislative restrictions.

Earlier this year, the Town of East Fremantle adopted an entirely digital payroll system with IT Vision’s Altus Payroll platform. The digital platform is available via desktop and mobile application, enabling staff to submit leave, timesheets and works information from any location. Altus Payroll also includes high-level security protocols that protect data from unauthorised access.

Executive Manager Corporate Services at the Town of East Fremantle, Peter Kocian, said Altus Payroll has brought a transformational shift in the Town’s operations while reducing risks associated with payroll data controls.

More recently, IT Vision implemented an organisation-wide change in software at the Shire of Gingin. In May 2021, the Shire went live with Altus Financial Suite - a modern platform for the end-to-end management of local government financial transactions.

The platform manages highly sensitive financial information and features high levels of cyber-security, business continuity and audit control. Organisational governance and workflow are built-in to ensure a seamless user experience.

IT Vision’s goal is to enhance the productivity and service quality of those that serve the community and society in which we live. Through the development and provision of information technology solutions which are secure, ever evolving and supported by personalised service, IT Vision assist Western Australian local governments keep their data safe.

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