Kalamunda to reinvigorate customer experience

Published on Monday, 8 June 2020 at 2:45:11 PM

The City of Kalamunda, as part of its Altus Collaboration with IT Vision and the City of Kalgoorlie-Boulder, has kicked off an exciting Proof of Concept for the development of Altus Customer Experience, a full customer service request and customer relationship management (CRM) system.

IT Vision in partnership with Ennovative is utilising its Customer First Suite (CfSuite) technology to create and power Altus Customer Experience - a suite of products designed to bring Local Government customer and community interactions into the modern digital engagement era.

Over an 8-week period, the City of Kalamunda will test the system on a sample group of processes/customer request types to identify how the system can handle current processes. The Proof of Concept will also look for opportunities to enhance processes and cover the creation of a Chatbot that aims to resolve basic queries and provide additional support to residents outside of work hours.

The City of Kalamunda’s Proof of Concept project includes the below elements:

  • Contact Centre (for dealing with customer requests as cases)
  • Community Website Portal branded to the City of Kalamunda (for customers to raise and review customer requests)
  • Mobile App – for access out in the field
  • 120+ pre-built workflow categories
  • Chatbot implementation for the City’s website, that links to Knowledgebase

The Project Team for the Proof of Concept is a valuable

mix of staff from Ennovative, IT Vision and the City of Kalamunda, all contributing their own skills, viewpoints and needs for the project. Coordinator Corporate Systems at the City of Kalamunda, Brett Byfield, is a key player in the project.

“During the pilot project, there will be a number of workshops with subject matter experts to identify current processes, the pain points within those processes, and how those pain points can be addressed by the capabilities of the solution. Workshops will then be undertaken to reconfigure the base workflows, to find the most efficient method of dealing with each type of Customer Request,” said Brett Byfield.

Altus Customer Experience will be leveraging the capabilities of Altus Contacts, to allow for two way editing of Names and Addresses, meaning that the City will have a single source of truth for its customer records. This is extremely important with the CRM component, as all of the information regarding a particular contact is available to staff when they bring up the customer record. This could include dog and cat registrations, building, planning applications and approvals, customer requests and complaints, and other records of business with the City of Kalamunda.

The benefits the City of Kalamunda are aiming to achieve with the CRM system include:

  • A greatly improved customer experience
  • Quick and easy system for the creation of sample customer requests
  • Eliminate printing of customer requests
  • Provide a mobile tool for staff out in the field to use, to capture photos and input data relating to a customer request
  • Remove manual and double handling of customer requests (including registration)
  • Creation of an online portal for customers, both for raising customer requests and for finding out the status of a customer request
  • Reduction in phone calls and email traffic
  • Creation of a Knowledgebase for a sample of customer request types, that will provide information to customers, while also providing internal process information for staff
  • Workflows that are configurable by City staff, and therefore are configured to the specific needs of each customer request type
  • Integration with GIS, to allow for map view of the location of customer requests both by residents and by staff
  • Integration with Altus Contacts, for a single view of customers
  • Integration points for other systems utilised by the City of Kalamunda
  • Ability to chat live via the Chatbot with residents

“Once the Proof of Concept phase is over, and the product is proven to fit our needs and we will have realised the benefits looked for, we can move to the full project of implementation. This part of the project will bring in all City of Kalamunda staff, and will have a transformational effect on the City of Kalamunda’s customer service,” said Brett Byfield.

“We are excited by the capabilities of the system and how it could help improve our customer service moving forward.”

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