Location app to improve PTA worker safety

Published on Monday, 8 June 2020 at 2:58:38 PM

The Western Australian Public Transport Authority (PTA) is currently undertaking a Radio Systems Replacement (RSR) Project which underpins the evolution and transition to a Smart Train Network across the Perth metropolitan region through a digital solution that increases automation and proximity awareness.

The RSR project involves works at approximately 216 sites across the greater Perth area with multiple work teams mobilised for the duration of the project at various sites. To improve oversight of the activities, PTA Major Works engaged IT Vision to help refine and deploy a custom-built Contractor Management Application. 

The Contractor Management Application was previously developed by IT Vision for the PTA’s Network and Infrastructure Division to assist with contractor management, recording Global Positioning System (GPS) data and geo location data from workers’ mobile work devices while they are undertaking works.

For the RSR Project, IT Vision worked closely with the PTA to amend and refine the app for the new project to enhance worker safety, improve visibility of workers on PTA sites and provide a transparent site access auditing process.

The updated app needed to accommodate up to 750 users at any one time, feature scheduled screen refreshes to update required location data and have the ability to filter and restrict views of users, meaning users are only able to see people from a specific working group.

Analysis derived from the app can show full location trails of a user, rather than just start and finish points. Enhancements were also made to improve the user experience, such as displaying names and staff photos next to location pins on the live screen, and using different icons and colours for the various contractor groups.

The app was recently accepted by Google and is now available in the Google Play Store. Acceptance by Apple for the Apple Store is underway with final approval expected in June 2020.

IT Vision it is extremely pleased to be working on this exciting project with PTA Major Projects to assist in their transition to a digital infrastructure and progress their Smart Train Network initiative. We have used our Altus Platform to improve many aspects of their remote contractor management processes and improve worker safety through smart presence and proximity awareness. - Nigel Lutton, IT Vision CEO.

Public Transport Authority and IT Vision

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