Mobile solution deployed for new partner Chevron

Published on Monday, 8 June 2020 at 2:22:28 PM

IT Vision has been working closely with international oil and gas company, Chevron to develop an app that supports their business operations.

Chevron’s Wheatstone and Gorgon projects are two Liquified Natural Gas (LNG) processing facilities based out of Onslow and Barrow Island respectively in northern Western Australia. Together, the two facilities contribute over $1 billion to Chevron’s annual revenue of $240 billion.

Regular tests and compliance checks are carried out at the two plants to ensure industry standards are met. The Electrical Equipment Hazardous Area (EEHA) regulation encompasses all electrical equipment that’s within or close to the natural gas installation. According to the regulation, all equipment must be tagged and inspected to ensure it provides adequate protection against explosion.

To assist with the tagging and assessment process, IT Vision developed an EEHA mobile application that allows employees to conduct regular, random and scheduled inspections electronically in areas with little or no connectivity. The app collates the information into a central portal that provides review, accept/reject and reporting capabilities. The app synchronises and houses 500,000 equipment records for Wheatstone and over 1 million records at Gorgon.

The build of the mobile app was completed ahead of the required release date and included many enhancements and improvements that exceeded client expectations.

Initial feedback from the client estimates a saving of 5,000 man-hours per annum (the equivalent of 3 FTE) and a cost saving of over $1.5 million per annum.

The build of the mobile app was completed ahead of the required release date and included many enhancements and improvements - the outcome was extremely positive. - Steve Tilden, Director of Research & Development

In April 2020, Director of Research & Development Steve Tilden flew to the Wheatstone plant to conduct a pilot test of the application with EEHA specialists on site. Training was provided to the team and after two 16-hour days, the client was left with zero issues encountered and a working mobile application that would streamline their inspections process.

Steve has since been invited to present at Chevron’s 2020 Australia Business Unit event – an opportunity to showcase the new product to a global audience.

IT Vision’s use of the Altus development platform to rapidly achieve this mobile inspection outcome is testimony to its ability to rapidly respond to and address evolving business requirements. The same ability is provided inherently via the Altus platform for the other industries that IT Vision works with including Local Government, Healthcare and Public Transport.

For further information about how the Altus Platform can assist your organisation to remove unnecessarily manual, paper-based or static processes and help you start your digital transformation journey, email to arrange a discussion and demonstration.

Chevron mobile app designed by IT Vision 

Example screenshots from Chevron's custom built application. 

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