Smoother, Streamlined Payments Made Possible with SynergyOnline and Payrix

Published on Wednesday, 29 June 2022 at 12:00:00 PM

SynergyOnline allows users to access, query, lodge, track and make payment for key Council services utilising secure web payment solutions.

SynergyOnline encourages a ‘self-service’ approach and enables community members to pay their rates, infringements, pet renewals and building applications online. Data instantly translates with the local government’s internal SynergySoft ERP system, creating significant administrative efficiencies for any organisation.

While SynergyOnline can integrate with most payment gateways, IT Vision customers are particularly enjoying increased efficiency and streamlining in their payment processes since adopting Payrix. 

Payrix is a provider of embedded payment solutions, helping businesses and governments monetise their platforms by offering customers a payment gateway embedded within their websites, eliminating friction in the user journey by keeping them on the site without the need to transfer them to a third-party page.

Payrix’s payments API enables organisations to access all payment channels through a singular provider – mobile, online, point-of-sale, recurring payments, and invoicing. Organisations can also save time with automated payment tasks such as re-attempting failed payments, account reconciliation, and real-time processing.

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