WalkMe – The self-help feature being rolled out to Altus

Published on Wednesday, 22 December 2021 at 5:18:12 PM

IT Vision is focused on prioritising the experience of our customers across all of our Altus products. In order to achieve this, the IT Vision Development Team are currently working to implement a new in-app guidance and support feature called WalkMe.

WalkMe is an ‘always on’ help centre that has the ability to seamlessly integrate with existing and new Altus products. As an additional resource for customers to access, the solution is designed to reduce the number of overall support tickets, improve responsiveness to customer queries and improve overall service delivery.

The support system will be built-into Altus applications, so customers can easily access help when and where they need it. Features will include dynamic in-app learning material and step-by-step self-help smart walkthroughs.

UI/UX Developer Christian Manuel has been working closely with the Development Team to ensure the WalkMe solution integrates seamless into the Altus environment.

“Learning to use new software is often overwhelming and a suite of cross-platform enterprise management applications like Altus required more than just support documentation.”

WalkMe allows the team here at IT Vision to deploy contextual guidance and support to promote user adoption and reduce friction. Capturing minute to minute insights about how people are using our software allows us to direct our efforts to improve how we engage with our users.”
– Christian Manual, UI/UX Developer.

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