/ˈal.tus / High, Tall, Deep, Noble or Profound. Often used in reference to cloud types.

Altus is our vision and approach to delivering a modern platform for digital transformation to our customers.

Altus represents variably a Vision, a Plan, a Technology platform, Intelligent productivity frameworks and a suite of Applications to support an organisations enterprise wide requirements in a modern business world.

Altus is by thoughtful design a modern extensible digital platform, fully born in the cloud and mobile device enabled.  It is built using the most modern low-code rapid application development tools, based on a modern database stack, with cyber-security and business-continuity ‘built-in’ and delivered through an engaging user-experience focused interface.

Altus is able to be consumed in a flexible manner that is focused on a personalised user or organisational outcome. From a single user app through to providing an entire enterprise business platform. It is the platform that enables personalisation of workflow and reduction of transaction friction to enable your resources to work Smarter not Harder.

To learn more about our latest Altus products, please read below.

Altus Infringements

The Altus Infringements App enables Rangers to issue an infringement while out in the field and the data is instantly synchronized with your Synergy Soft system.

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Altus Inspections

Altus Inspections is designed to replace paper inspection processes an enable staff to schedule, undertake and report using a modern digital platform.

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Altus Tourism Engagement

Increase the user engagement and market penetration of your tourism marketing with a fully-customisable app featuring real-time content updates, GPS services and route planning, and mobile marketing functions.

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Altus Financials

Altus Financials provides an extensive suite of financial tools to enable efficient management of transactions, aggregation of information and support for real-time management of your business.

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Altus Procurement Management

One of the greatest areas of financial efficiency gains for organisations is the streamlining of manual or paper-based processes across the procurement supply chain workflow.

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Altus Finance Enquiry

Altus Finance Enquiry is a cloud-based solution that enables users to access financial information such as balances and transaction history remotely.

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