We are focused on delivering to our clients the significant benefits derived from what analysts are calling the “consumerisation of the enterprise” brought about by the massive growth and ubiquity of smart mobile devices and ever more affordable data plans and security measures.

Our solution is developed on a mobile enterprise application platform which will allow us to easily deliver your enterprise data to your mobile devices.  These solutions expose the richness of the SynergySoft Enterprise product to the flexibility of the mobile device enabling your staff to be unconstrained by connectivity or location – anywhere, anytime, any device. We allow you to draw relevant data and transactional processing in both ‘online’ as well as offline synchronisation mode to ensure that your staff are able to be as efficient and effective in the delivery of their services.

We currently provide or are developing specific mobility applications in the following functional areas;

  • Customer Service Task Scheduling
  • Customer Service Task Management
  • Dog Registration
  • Dog Location Monitoring
  • Firebreak Monitoring
  • Asset Recording
  • Asset Maintenance & Review
  • Bespoke Mobility App Development