SynergySoft is our fully integrated enterprise product suite that encompasses all business areas of an organisation within a single user interface.

Building Licence, Permit Lodgement and Tracking

Streamline your building application lodgment and processing through an online portal that enables applicants to lodge and track their building applications online. The solution guides the applicant, via the application type (single dwelling, group dwellings) through a comprehensive list of responsive questions.

It calculates the required fees, accepts payment via credit card and optional debtor payment options, and enables the applicant to upload all required documents. This structure helps ensure a complete application is submitted, creating the relevant building application, cash receipting transactions and document management records in SynergySoft so your building officer can focus on the process of assessing and not data entry.

*Note, this solution typically requires additional consulting services to ensure that a local authority understands and maximizes the value from this solution.

Development Application Tracking

Give your applicants the ability to track their planning applications online and be able to see in real time the progress through the assessment process. The solution exposes data directly from the Planning System, where applicants can easily search and then open the detail of their application.

Debtor Online Payments

This solution enables debtors to pay their invoices using a secure web payment solution. Debtors see a list of all invoices issued (with the relevant descriptions), select the invoices they wish to pay and perform a secure payment that creates the necessary transactions in SynergySoft.

Rates Online Payments

This solution offers property owners a secure and convenient method to pay their rates online, using a BPAY number to identify their property. The solution then creates the relevant cash receipting batch which then proportions the payment against the property.


Improve the collection of outstanding infringement notices, through the online Infringement Payment solution. This solution allows your community the ability to pay their notice without having to come into the local authority. This helps reduce the local authority’s time spent on chasing outstanding and overdue notices.

Due to the strict processes surrounding infringement notices, this solution performs the checks and balances to ensure that the notice can be paid and reflects any additional charges that have been applied (e.g. Final Demand).

Dog/Cat Online Renewal Solution

Enables Dog and Cat owners to renew their animal license using a secure online portal. Owners can select the relevant period (1 year, 3 years or lifetime), pay and receive a receipt number, reducing the need for owners to come into the Council Office’s.

Customer Request Lodgement and Tracking Solution

Using the SynergyOnline portal citizens can create customer service requests detailing their issue, specifying the location and provide their relevant contact details. These requests can be tracked and updated, where actions from the local authority are displayed.